Gary Moffat’s the one we need

Reader Input
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After the city charter debacle foisted upon us by our local councilpersons voting in lockstep to place it on the ballot, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in fees paid to the “no” side attorneys and our city attorney; and after reaching a settlement with the city myself over their penchant for back channel communications using personal email to conduct city business, I am convinced that Gary Moffat would promote better guardianship over the city treasure than has been the case with our current councilpersons who appear to be willing to go to the mat on any legal issue that comes before them. I believe that Gary might be able to convince fellow councilpersons to pick their battles more wisely. Not every controversy has to become a lawsuit. Gary is a successful businessperson with a national following. He is interested in the economic issues facing the city. He wants to see the tens of thousands of vacant commercial square footage in our city be filled with prosperous small businesses. He is the type of entrepreneurial businessman that Auburn needs to help make it more prosperous and attractive to commerce as well as tourism. It’s time that this City Council starts thinking about the larger problems facing our community and allocates a budget (currently about $6,000) to really work on them. Gary Moffat is the guy to help bring about smart economic growth for our city. That is why I am voting for Gary Moffat for City Council. VICTORIA CONNOLLY, Auburn