Gas prices continue downward trend

Sacramento average falls to $3.90 a gallon
By: Staff Report
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AAA Monthly Gas Price Averages: April 2013

City/Region       Price    Change                              

NATIONAL         3.58        - .12      

CALIFORNIA      4.02        -.15       

N. CALIFORNIA  3.95       - .04       

BAY AREA            4.11        - .12       

SACRAMENTO    3.90.       - .09                                      


The downward trend in gasoline costs continues for California drivers as fuel prices decline for a fourth straight week.

California’s average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is now $4.02, down $0.15, according to a release issued by AAA of Northern California Tuesday. Fuel prices are $0.24 less expensive this week than the state’s average price this time last year.

Sacramento-area drivers are paying $3.90 a gallon for regular unleaded gasoline AAA said, a drop of $0.09.

But among all 50 states, California still has the second highest state average price for regular unleaded gasoline behind Hawaii, which is the highest at $4.39 a gallon.  

 “The recent decline has been a product of lower crude oil prices and a now completed switchover to summer-blend gasoline,” Cynthia Harris, AAA Northern California spokesperson, said in a release. “Declining retail gas prices have been the result of an increase in refinery production and economic concerns, which have created less of a demand among consumers.”

In the rest of the north state fuel prices are now averaging $4.11 per gallon, a change of $0.16 in price from last month’s report by AAA. In the Bay Area, drivers are paying an average of $4.23 a gallon, which is up $0.20 from last month.

The national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline this week is $3.58, $0.12 less than the average price one year ago.

Retail gas prices across the country surged at the start of 2013, as the national average increased $0.49 through the end of February. This was the largest increase on record for the first two months of a year. The run-up was only somewhat attributed to higher crude oil prices and was instead driven by a decline in refinery production and higher gasoline futures prices.

The least expensive average price in Northern California can be found in Modesto, where regular unleaded gasoline is $3.83 per gallon, AAA said. Of all the metro areas in Northern California, where gas prices are tracked by the car club, Eureka has the highest average price at $4.26.