Geese ruined Ellis Lake

Reader Input
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I support the removal of the geese from Meadow Vista Park (Journal, July 29). Anyone who has seen Marysville’s Ellis Lake park area knows what kind of a danger these geese can be. The foul fowl there have contributed to a massive decline in both community use and overall quality of the park. The water is so polluted by the birds that you can smell it from blocks away and the fecal matter on some parts of the sidewalk that rings the lake is so bad that you don’t want to walk on it lest you slip and fall into the brackish water. The geese there are also highly aggressive and are well-known to attack small pets, children and even adults with no provocation. Having wildlife in our parks to enjoy is nice but only if their presence isn’t a public safety hazard, as it became around Ellis Lake. When it becomes unsafe, the wildlife needs to be moved to a better home where it can thrive, such as protected preserves or farms. TOM JACOB, Auburn