Georgetown needs new blood

Reader Input
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We are having a very important vote this November for the Georgetown Divide Public Utility District board of directors. The two incumbents running have just rubber-stamped the general manager’s wishes for years. After months of questioning, the GM has finally admitted that the state did not turn down the viable alternative of a less costly retrofit of the Auburn Lake Trails Water Treatment Plant. The GM chose a $9-million-plus new treatment plant without any input from the board! Now that the costly misrepresentations by GM Hank White have been exposed, the response of the incumbents on the board is as if nothing has happened, just business as usual. People, we sorely need some real leadership and transparency on this board. The two incumbents have shown no interest in using the ratepayers’ money responsibly. In November, please vote, and help to elect Maria Capraun and Pat Snelling for a responsive and fiscally sound board that will actually direct. Jack Podsedly, Georgetown