Get off couch, then criticize

Reader Input
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Sadly, two recent anti-bicyclist letters by David Chaddock (July 21) and Jan Demello (July 23) display some real impatience and ignorance. First, the Tour of Lincoln bike ride only happens once a year and for only part of a day. It is limited to a few selected roads and benefits some very worthy causes. For Chaddock to bash it as he did because of a small inconvenience to him seems exceptionally petty. As a bicyclist, I do not condone those who ride abreast when cars are behind, but I find this is unusual. There are, however, many good reasons why cyclists do not always ride the way Chaddock/Demello would want them to, particularly riding far to the side of the road. The size limit on letters prevents me from explaining them all, but in many cases it is simply safer to be away from the side of the road. It appears that Chaddock and Demello need to be reminded of the old Indian adage, “Do not criticize another until you have walked a mile in his moccasins.” Unfortunately I doubt if David and Jan are very likely to get off their couches or get out of their gas-guzzlers and try a bike ride in the country. That is too bad, because if more people were to do so, their health and the environment would both be in better shape, and the world would be a more patient and understanding place for their efforts. WILL SMITH, Auburn