Get a doctor for president

Reader Input
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As an avid supporter of the president I am shocked to find he wants unsafe airports, dirty water and for the poor to freeze to death. I read that President (Barack) Obama says his 2012 budget can reduce projected deficits by $1.1 trillion over the next decade. But two-thirds of the reductions are from cuts in spending in many domestic programs he supported. Among the reductions are more than $1 billion from airport grants and nearly $1 billion from grants to states for water treatment. Public health and forestry programs would also be cut, plus home energy assistance to low-income families and community service block grants would be halved. I urge the president to seek medical assistance. My diagnosis is he is suffering “mood-congruent delusion.” This is any delusion with content consistent with either a depressive or manic state, e.g., a depressed person believes that news anchors disapprove of him or a person in a manic state might believe he is a powerful deity. John T. Nightingale, Auburn