Get high school facts right

Reader Input
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In response to Eric Hill’s letter (“Close Placer High campus,” Sept. 19), I have a few comments.
One, who has died as a result, direct or indirect, of having an open high school campus? Yes, there are going to be accidents, but the accidents will occur regardless of whether or not one high school has an open campus.
Two, the local businesses and restaurants may not run Placer High School, but the students’ business does keep Downtown Auburn thriving.
Three, an open campus teaches students responsibility and time management, and it gives them a taste of the college life, but with limited freedom.
Four, please check your facts on the open campus regulations of other area high schools. Nevada Union, Del Oro, Rocklin and Whitney high schools all have some form of an open campus as well, just to name a few in the area. Please check your facts before you write.
Jean Gambell, Placer High alumna, Auburn