Give cell tower positive reception

Reader Input
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I have been noting the discussion in the Journal concerning the proposed cell phone tower and had to toss in my two cents’ worth (Journal, Jan. 18). I am an AT&T customer — have been for over 30 years (15 as a cell phone user). I am seriously considering changing cell carriers because of the abominable service in the Auburn area. Coverage is spotty and irregular, at best, on good days. On the bad days it is a crapshoot whether you will get your call and if you do, whether you will be able to finish it. While it is true you can at times get several “bars” in the American River Canyon, it is also true that 30 seconds later you probably will have no “bars” or be dropped when you pass a tree or turn a corner. Where I live, on the south side of Auburn, my wife, my neighbors and myself average one to no “bars.” It is so bad that I have to ask my telephone contacts not to call me on my cell phone if they think I might be home and, when the cell phone rings when I am at home, I hurry to ask them to call on my land line before the signal fades. As a professional who gets urgent calls at all hours of the day, this is not only distressing to myself and my callers, it at times can mean that I miss urgent, even life and death, calls for help. So I, for one, am grateful that AT&T is considering adding a tower or two. They just might keep me as a customer if they do. Dan M. Appel, Auburn