Give honest reason for hunt

Reader Input
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The Placer County Fish & Game Commission unfortunately capitulated to their hunting buddies by voting to recommend to the Placer County Board of Supervisors that a doe and spotless fawn hunt take place locally in District 4 — which could result in the killing of up to 75 of these hapless animals — under the guise of helping to prevent car collisions with deer. At the hearing on this matter, the State Fish & Game representative provided little to no detail on local herd health, numbers of deer in our area, or on the alternative non-lethal methods that exist to control deer populations which are being used successfully in other areas. After all, the CA Dept. of Fish & Game promotes hunting as part of its mission, including allowing children to participate in these misguided activities. The fate of these animals now rests with the Placer County Board of Supervisors. Many of us are pleading with our local elected officials to take the higher road and do what’s best for our whole community, wildlife included. Stop endorsing violence to animals and stop making excuses for people who enjoy killing and who get their egos boosted by a temporary sense of power through stalking, chasing, harassing, bullying, harming, and injuring or killing the wildlife who call this their home. Teri Barnato, Loomis