Give the troops a break

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We read about the ill acts of our troops while in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. We even see the pictures of them displaying dead terrorists. This is sad to say the least. Having served in the Vietnam war, I will ask that the real culprits share the blame. The real culprits are those who have sent the troops there for multiple tours — George?Bush, who sent us into two wars on credit cards and thus put the economy down the tubes. (Note the cost did not stop when Barack Obama took charge). But let’s take it a step further and admit that neither Bush nor Obama had the class to ask for a draft. Oh, no. This would be unpopular. They instead have sent troops into harm’s way time after time. We still see problems with veterans from the Vietnam war. Worse is yet to come as we now need to be ready for the next several decades of the shattered lives of veterans from our current wars. In my opinion what Bush and Obama have done is to destroy many young lives, and it is cruel, inhumane. I would ask that before anyone places blame for the current ongoings, they consider what is obvious to me as a veteran — along with the fact that neither Obama or Bush were ever in harm’s way as a troop in the military. Obama never served and Bush evaded serving in Nam while I did more than one tour. These are the types that send our young men and women into a war. Disgusted vet! Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn