Google your true facts

Reader Input
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Mr. (Michael) Douglas. You say I cannot support my observations with facts (Reader Input, Jan. 3). Oh yes I can. How about you go to Google and in the search engine type in “U.N. treaty and gun control.” Then go to the article “The United Nations on gun control.” These are facts. Accept them or keep your head in the sand. Did you know that Mr. Obama attempted to pass legislation in Illinois to ban all weapons? No, I bet you didn’t. He does not support our Second Amendment. You want health care reform? This legislation they are drawing up to nationalize the health care industry is being done in violation of our Constitution. It is a violation of our rights as citizens and without the approval of the majority of the people. Our representatives are forcing legislation down our throats in violation of our Constitution. It is time people woke up and looked at what is being done. You can love Mr. Obama all you want to but he is a British subject and not a natural-born U.S. citizen and does not meet Article 2 Section 1 of our Constitution. His election was done by fraud and perjury. All of these facts are easy to find with just a little research. Bob Velon, Penryn