GOP literate, knows history

Reader Input
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It is my privilege to correct Charles Wallen (Reader Input, Nov. 18, “GOP has turned anti-intellectual.”) “W” was an avid reader, contrary to what Wallen says. He and Condi Rice used to have contests each week to see who could read the most books. I would bet the farm on (Sarah) Palin and (Michele) Bachmann in a head-on contest between either one of them and Barack Obama on American history. He knows little enough about this country as it is today let alone its glorious history and how it achieved the greatest society mankind has ever known in a space of a mere 250 years. I’d even loan him an Encyclopedia Britannica and allow him the use of a teleprompter if he so desires and if he thinks it would help his cause. It was not (Bill) Clinton that achieved a robust economy and reduced debt, but a Republican congress under Speaker Newt Gingrich who led the way to that end. Clinton was merely the beneficiary. I’ll give Wallen a pass on (Herman) Cain, because I never heard him say any such thing about China and nukes, and I’ve heard most of Herman Cain’s utterances. I rest my case, and urge Mr. Wallen to go back to the drawing board (or Ouija board) and try again. Chuck Butler, Granite Bay