GOP sounds desperate

Reader Input
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The fringe right of the GOP ran this country into the ground with foreign policy based on lies, economic policies based on unregulated thievery causing a near depression and ecological policies based on greed. A new administration is steadily reversing the prior errors. The defeated have no intelligent proposals and can only spout off lies (siding with the rip-off health insurance industry) or asinine comments about our president receiving the Nobel peace prize for promoting international cooperation over unilateral warmongering of the previous era. Their bankrupt strategy of deception is an embarrassment to their own party, much of which now sees the light. Rocky Warren (Reader Input, Oct. 11) employs this desperate approach to discredit policy, to wit his outrageous letter claiming California liberals believe “a 2½-inch fish is more important than people” because they are concerned about agricultural water demands’ adverse effect on marine habitat. He failed to mention that the National Marine Fisheries Service is concerned that diverting too much water to agricultural special interests may endanger the state’s salmon resource (a 2-inch fish?). Elementary school science informs us that threatening the smallest species, like ocean plankton, can have devastating effects on life. Does this mean ecologists value plankton over people? A religious perspective reaches the same conclusion: God made all things, not just man, and expects us to manage a creation that is not ours, but his. JIM BEALL, SR., Auburn