Gordy explains in a nutshell

Reader Input
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I’m trying to un-elect two of my colleagues on the Auburn Recreation District board who vote against any health initiative that goes counter to the life path that has taken them into poor health, and who vote against any unpaved cost-efficient trail that they couldn’t use because of their obesity and diabetic neuropathy. They won’t vote for anything that would enable or encourage the rest of us to be healthier than they are, unless, of course, one of Auburn’s “important people” wants it. Now that I think about it, going to Martin Harmon and asking him to suggest to (Curt) Smith and (Scott) Holbrook that he would like to see the Rock Creek and Shockley Woods trails approved would have been a lot easier than this election campaign. However, maybe it’s worth all the trouble, because (Larry) Tracy and (Chris) Asbury will make much better ARD directors than Smith and Holbrook. Gordy Ainsleigh, ARD board director, Meadow Vista