Government in bad shape

Reader Input
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I sure agree with Paul Piercy’s letter in the Sunday Journal. We should all speak up. I believe every part of our government is in bad shape But what can be done about it? About 90 percent of those politicians should be required to resign! We need all new people in Washington D.C. to start the government from the beginning. Do away with all those lobbyists. Stop those big corporations from controlling Congress. Make the large corporations pay their fair share of taxes! Since (Ronald) Reagan was president our country has gone downhill. His administration started all those big corporation mergers, which means less competition. We pay more for everything. Sure, (Bill) Clinton balanced the budget. Then George Bush comes along and starts two wars, with a lot of lies. We didn’t need either one of those wars. Bush thinks the wealthy need a tax cut. With the wars in progress you don’t have to be a economics professional to know that does not make sense. When those big corporations are manufacturing war material, the oil companies don’t pay their fair share of taxes. Government subsidizes, which don’t make sense. The speaker of the house (John) Boehner, has guts enough to get on national TV to say the corporations shouldn’t have to take a tax cut, they’re putting people to work. John R. Murphy, Auburn