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Reader Input
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Kudos to Delta Wilson-Ricky for her letter (Reader Input, Aug. 23) recalling how FDR’s New Deal programs allowed her family to survive the Great Depression of the ’30s. It is important to remember how many millions of people were similarly helped by these programs. Yet to Willard Schmehl (Reader Input, Aug. 8 and 21) and many of his tea party friends, people like this just don’t exist. They are so intent on bashing our government and anything it does that they can only mimic that “(Franklin) Roosevelt made everything worse.” What tripe! He claims he knew people who worked on for the WPA and the CCC, but he apparently learned nothing from their experience He ignores basic economic facts of the Depression such as those recounted by Clifford Lanxner’s letter (Reader Input, Aug. 24), and reads only third-rate books that support his own point of view. Finally, he repeatedly asserts that it was the war that successfully ended the Depression — overlooking the fact that the war buildup was in fact an extension and expansion of FDR’s deficit/stimulus policies. It is such “logic” that causes many to support our current Congressman Tom McClintock, who is so critical of any aid or economic stimulus program that our president proposes. “Just let the private sector do it,” McClintock says over and over. I just have one question for our congressman. Just how are these private sector businesses going to open up new enterprises when no one has any money to spend? This is what is keeping businesses from expanding today — not excessive taxation or overregulation. THAD WESTPHALIA, Sacramento