Government knows best

Reader Input
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Time for the left to ready the Kool-Aid. A recent report reads “President Barack Obama Tuesday ordered a government-wide review of regulations with the goal of eliminating those that hurt job creation and make the U.S. economy less competitive.” He also said some rules have placed “unreasonable burdens on business — burdens that have stifled innovation and have had a chilling effect on growth and jobs. “The executive order marked Obama’s latest move to repair relations with U.S. business.” Could it be that the president is now watching Glenn Beck and listening to the Tea Party? I doubt it! In closing, he said, “While vowing to eliminate rules that are ‘not worth the cost or that are just plain dumb,’ the president said his administration would not shy away from writing new rules to address ‘obvious gaps’ in government oversight?” Worth the cost? Dumb? Then the clincher: “obvious gaps” in government oversight. They just cannot leave it alone. Government knows best right to the end! If he wants to propose more regulations to fix previous regulations, is this an indication that government is not the answer to all non-problems that are derived to be problems or schizophrenic behavior by the president? JOHN T. NIGHTINGALE, Auburn