Grant neutered kittens, puppies

Reader Input
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Animal Spay and Neuter Clinic would like to thank the Placer Animal Services Trust Fund for a nearly $17,000 grant we received in the spring. This grant was to assist in spay/neuter of low income and mobile home park residents’ pets, and to help with altering surplus kittens and puppies. By aggressively pursuing the target market, we were able to alter 677 animals, 517 cats and 160 dogs. We thank the county for their confidence in us in getting the most for their dollars. Placer County Animal Services, while not operating a spay/neuter clinic, has proven to be very dedicated to helping individuals alter their animals. The entire staff needs to be commended for their hard work. Dede Shaw, Julie Anderson, Nancy McAlpin, board of directors, Animal Spay and Neuter Clinic