Gravel road grumblers way too grumpy

Reader Input
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Regarding the chip seal “controversy” on Shirland Tract Road (Journal, Sept. 21): These folks deserve a friendly reminder that opportunities exist to completely eliminate these aggravations: just move to Alaska, Wyoming, or Baja California and make your own roads! Meanwhile, I want to express my deep appreciation for the often thankless jobs performed by the Placer County Public Works Road Maintenance Division. When we navigate local roads safely on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget how much hard work is involved to help us get where we need to go: engineers, surveyors, road crews making repairs, signing, painting — it’s a masterpiece canvas that extends across every far corner of Placer County and a job that never ends — come mud, rain, sleet, snow, or cranky, myopic residents. Perhaps the comical disposition of the protagonists in this article will give us a nice chuckle, and a renewed appreciation for the hard work of Placer County road maintenance employees. The next time you see a crew or a truck on the road, hopefully we’ll feel more compelled to express some heartfelt and deserved appreciation. Brad Kearns, satisfied Placer County pedestrian and motorist, Auburn