Greed is destroying our core values

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A universal cultural value is that theft, looting, and stealing are wrong. Such aberrations stem from an obsessive “worship of wealth” led by greed where values of integrity, trustworthiness, and “doing what’s right” are lost. Rocklin’s approval of a city manager’s self-serving contract violates base values and creates or reinforces a massive mistrust of government officials. It subtlety implies “business as usual” and leads citizens to turn their backs on democracy’s processes. Instead of speaking out against their atrocious mistake, Rocklin officials audaciously defend sticky fingers in the city candy jar. They claim the city manager (who currently is racking up more city costs to keep himself and his sidekick beneficiary immune from charges in a personnel dispute) plus others were somehow indispensable and had to be brought back as retired annuitants. The financial analysis does not support either their feeble excuses or hubris for approving a horrific package deal for a select few while others are laid off or furloughed. Randall Cleveland, Newcastle