Green-&-Gold-bloods bear Zebra young

Reader Input
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In reading today’s article of the 7-0 Lincoln and the 7-0 Placer varsity football teams (Journal, Oct. 29), I savored the coverage of the upcoming match between these two local teams: the ever-present Placer Hillmen and the in-the-shadows Fighting Zebras of Lincoln. However, it brought about a reminder to me that there are quite a few of us approaching this Friday’s game with bittersweet anticipation. We love our local football, and we love supporting our kids. But the bittersweet comes from those of us Placer Hillmen alumni with kids and relations within the Lincoln Fighting Zebra team. I speak of those like myself, my husband, three of our four children, and many more family members who bleed “Green and Gold,” but are dedicated, more importantly, to supporting our youngest child who plays center for the Lincoln High Zebras. We will walk to the “visitors” side, as we did when he was on the freshman team, donning our black and white Zebra shirts, eagerly watching to see our kid geared up and ready to play on what we all consider our home field. All the while we fight our Hillmen auto-pilot to sit on the Placer side. And as the band plays on, and the cheerleaders chant, we will secretly yell within the level of a whisper “Green & Gold!” and “Go, Hillmen!” So you see our dilemma. And I can assure you, from the conversations had within other local games, there are many more like us; more from Lincoln, and I’m sure from Colfax, Del Oro, Foresthill and even Bear River. I just wonder how many. Tina Bakken, Auburn