Group hug to local saviors

Reader Input
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My mother and sister lost their home on Cedar Mist Lane in the 49 fire. My sister and the two dogs were at home and managed to get out thanks to Placer County Sheriff’s who risked their lives to save others. In fact, not one human life was lost in this disaster. Our entire family wishes to thank the firefighters who stopped the fire – speeded by heavy winds – and saved so many homes. We thank the Placer County Sheriffs, Auburn Police and California Highway Patrol officers who took part in the massive effort to save lives and protect property. God bless each one of you! Also, we thank the community of Auburn for the care and concern expressed by everyone we have talked to since the fire. Brian and Jennie Desvignes, Louise Dal Soglio, Janet Lorentz, Lyndon and Carol Perrine, Rosie Christian, Jennie Desvignes, Auburn