Gun owners are regular folks

Reader Input
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Sadly enough, folks like Mr. (Jim) Cather react emotionally to an issue about which they know so little (“Deer hunt is dangerous, unjustified;” Reader Input, June 24). These young men have been extensively trained in the safe and proper use of firearms and the state hunting laws. People who have been trained in firearms use and proficiency are statistically as safe as the passengers in an airliner. They are not running around terrorizing animals or residents because they have been taught to respect wildlife and the property of others because gun ownership is an inalienable right. I would suggest that anyone who is concerned about the safety of such a hunt attend a firearms training session. If nothing else people can learn that gun owners and hunters and target shooters are regular people who simply have an interest in the safe, lawful and Constitutionally protected use of firearms. Wayne F. Davis, Rocklin