Guns cause more trouble than end it

Reader Input
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I would not feel safe in Gordy Ainsleigh’s world where everyone is allowed and encouraged to carry a gun (“Citizenry needs its firearms,” Reader Input, April 11). There are too many deranged people out there and guns are already too available to them.
Three-fourths of murders occur between family members and acquaintances and it is safe to assume that those would increase, as well as suicides and accidental killings of babies and children. Too many guns that people buy for protection end up in the wrong hands through burglaries.
There was a citizen packing a gun at the Gabrielle Giffords shooting and he almost killed a security guard thinking that he was the bad guy.
I think people should keep their handguns at home locked in a safe. If Gordy worked in an emergency room rather than treating sore backs in a chiropractic office he might have a different perspective on this question. I stand by my statement: I have practiced criminal law for almost 40 years and have always seen that guns carried for protection get people into lots more trouble than they ever get them out of.
Paul W. Comiskey, Newcastle