Headquarters of UN must move

Reader Input
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The headquarters of the United Nations ought to be moved from New York City to someplace more in sympathy with its usual kind of operation. I suggest Libya, Iran, Sudan, or North Korea. I’m sure you can think of others. This would have some immediate benefits: It would relieve the harassed New York police from having to constantly deal with hordes of people who all claim “diplomatic immunity.” It would locate the group closer to leaders they like to hear (Khadafi, Ahmadinejad, et. al); provide the U.N. with a bigger pool of people who despise us and are willing to shout, “Death to America” as they stand in line for foreign aid and it would significantly reduce the cost of hosting the group by taking away fancy NYC hotels and restaurants. Moving the U.N. would also free a rather nice building for something useful like, say, a veteran’s hospital. The effect of such a move on the rest of the world would be negligible. Arne Celick, Auburn