Health care bill facts hushed up

Reader Input
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What the politicians are not telling you about the health care bill: Whether you think it is a good or bad bill, it will be one of the largest tax hikes ever to the American people. This bill was represented as a mandate. Somewhere along the line, the language was changed so they could call it a tax, giving the Supreme Court the wiggle room to uphold it. If a company has less than 50 employees, that company does not have to offer health insurance. The company is offered a tax incentive if they do provide the insurance. If not, that puts the burden on the employee to purchase their own health care with a small fine that goes up each year if they choose to opt out. Companies who have 50 or more employees would have to supply health insurance and even more paperwork to the IRS. That is only a small part of this complicated bill, which everybody should take a very close look at. It is all on the Internet. Just type in Affordable Health Care Act (HR 3590), or Obamacare, and watch out for all the political spin. Just keep an open mind and you will learn the truth about this bill. You do not have to read 2,500 pages of the bill to learn the important parts of it. Both political parties are guilty of holding back information. The Republicans should be telling you the truth and this administration should not be hiding from the truth if they feel so strongly about this bill. One reason this administration is pushing for a tax increase on those making $250,000 or more is to justify to the many in the middle class who have to pick up the load for their health care costs, now that we are finding out it is a tax. Health care reform we need, but I believe this bill may be a bridge too far, and I pray that it does not bankrupt this whole country, but it is up to each individual to make that call. Richard Lutzoff, Auburn