Health care can be made better

Reader Input
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I am concerned. My dear friend’s sibling cannot get insurance at any cost because she was born with a birth defect. Another good friend has been held back from seeking a better job for years for fear of losing her much needed dental insurance. Too many people around me are trapped in skyrocketing insurance costs because a disease like diabetes has developed, and no other insurance company will accept them. Americans pay triple what the British and Canadians pay for health care, yet we die younger and have higher infant mortality. Health insurance lobbyists are literally spending over a million dollars a day to convince Congress to slow down or stop health care reform, and Congress is deciding whether to listen to us and the President, or to these special interests. Health insurance companies are reporting record-breaking profits, rising 1,000 percent in just the last five years. The goal is no longer taking care of sick people. The goal is maximizing profits. If I get sick, I shouldn’t have to die if I cannot continue working to pay my medical bills. If I get cancer and recover, I should not be in danger of being dropped from any chance of future coverage. Health care reform now! Get the word out. Call Congress to express your support for Obama’s health care reform which has its foundation in reducing costs, guaranteeing choice and ensuring quality, affordable care for all. Health care reform can happen this year. The future is ours to shape. Jacquelyn Kracke, Auburn