Health care not repaired yet

Reader Input
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This health care bill is a sham. Do you really think that mandating coverage is going to help families who can’t afford to feed their children or send them to college? You have done nothing to keep premiums down and the cost of co-pays for lower income families will still preclude their getting care. It is because I pay for health insurance that I can no longer afford to see a doctor! I also cannot send my child to college. The $10,000 Blue Cross steals from me each year would go a long way toward getting my daughter a degree. They’ve already taken $80,000. I would have better insurance if I had just given that to the hospital to hold in trust for me until I got sick. Biological systems cannot be governed by market systems. It doesn’t work. Medicare for all is the only plan that makes sense. The Senate plan is simply a give-away to the insurance industry, and like the TARP give-away to the banks, just proves how corrupt the Congress is. It’s time to get rid of all incumbents and reform our government! Kelleen Farrell, Placerville