Health care stats slanted

Reader Input
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Socialist Stan (Guido) should check his own “stats” before writing the Journal (Reader Input, Nov. 16). His health care stats are from our “friends” at the United Nations in the WHO’s World Health Report of 2000. He would find that the Overall Performance Index was adjusted to reflect a country’s performance relative to how well it theoretically could have performed (as determined by UN officials). The criteria used were weighed 62.5 percent regarding distribution of health services and only 37.5 percent were clinical criteria. They did not take into consideration the cultural/genetic differences of each country or the different reporting criteria (infant mortality) each country used. Stan’s attack on our health care system was blinded by his ideology. Foreign physicians training in the U.S. as well as patients requiring sophisticated testing, prompt elective or emergency surgery, choice of physicians or hospitals, and easy access to renal dialysis, joint replacement and cancer screening and treatment know the excellence of our system. Stan should be a bit disturbed to know that even using the UN criteria Cuba is still behind the U.S. Walter F. Drysdale, M.D., Auburn