Health care system ailing

Reader Input
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I’ve lived in Placer County, Auburn and surrounding areas for some 40 years. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go in our great gold country. I also got a good taste of Sacramento County back in the ’70s. It was a great experience to learn about how California was formed by people. We the people of this great state have it very good! We have the best coastline, mountains, valleys and deserts. What a beautiful place to live in and grow up in. Back in the ’70s-’80s there was sort of a healthcare system. DeWitt center had mental health care. They helped people with illness. Since 9/11 and the budget cuts, there’s a breakdown in healthcare in general. All the people with mental problems have been cut loose and only some get help. Most are homeless and on the streets. They live in vacant lots. Land is being bought at an alarming rate. The big-box stores are popping up fast. Homeless people shuffle from place to place. It would be nice to see more help. Yes, the gold country is a very rich place for some. A lot people have closed their eyes to major problems in Auburn. I guess you could call me a radical in a sense. I get frustrated because nothing gets done. So are we going to ignore the problem? It’s sad when seniors have to choose between food and medicine. Only the people with money can afford good care. Back in 1969 my father walked out of the hospital because he couldn’t afford it. He went home and died right in front of me. They didn’t have the knowledge to repair the heart. Now they can repair your heart. Now we know how much doctors charge for surgeries. Who can afford to pay to be saved? I ask you, America, when will it change? People used the emergency room for a doctor. We pay taxes and pay more taxes for nothing. Our government would rather build bombs. They spend trillions of dollars on foreigners — meanwhile we get the shaft. The president goes golfing and we close our eyes again. I ask you, have you had enough? God bless America! JOE TERRUSO, Auburn