Heroes fly out of our airport

Reader Input
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At 10:30 a.m. on Feb. 22, a pilot returning from a Los Medicos Voladores humanitarian mission to Mexico lost his engine while preparing to land but managed to slip his disabled single engine plane into a gap in traffic on I-80 near Reno. Joe DuRousseau exemplified the quality of pilots that fly with LMV. Like Captain (Chesley) Sullenberger, who landed his airbus 320 safely in the Hudson River a little over a year ago, Joe remained calm, cool, collected and focused with the safety of his passengers in the forefront of his mind. His decision to make an emergency landing on the highway saved the lives of the three volunteer passengers and those on the ground during this unexpected situation. Joe and the other volunteers were returning from a four-day mission in Hildago, Sonora, Mexico where they had provided free medical and dental clinics to this remote village. The local chapter of Los Medicos Voladores operates several similar missions from Auburn Airport each year. While emergency situations are always a cause for concern, LMV is proud of the quality of our pilots. Tom Palmer, Auburn