High gas prices a boom for biz?

Reader Input
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Are gas prices a boom for Think Auburn First — a bust for Auburn Wal-Mart haters? “Shop Rollback savings on everyday low prices for the items you need” — except local gas at the pumps to get there. “Save money and live better,” stay home. Neighbors within walking distance of Auburn’s future Wal-Mart, rejoice, your savings will be enhanced. How has this Golden State evolved to its current “not so golden” status? Do you think greed and power have infiltrated politics? How could that be, since each elected and or appointed representative insists it embodies its best intentions for its citizens? Until our elected representatives live by the laws they pass, including health care and retirement, we will forever be “hosed” at the pumps, so to speak. Be sure to vote (absentee by mail, save the fuel). Think Auburn First? Not for those who live outside the area. The cost of fuel will cause them to “Think Auburn Second.” Gary G. Mapa, Applegate