Holbrook hogs credit for ARD

Reader Input
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Mr. (Scott) Holbrook admits he is a “proud” man. Pride can also be described as “an inflated sense of one’s personal status or accomplishments, often used synonymously with hubris” and, in that sense of the word I’d have to agree with him. After attending many Auburn Recreation and Parks District board meetings and ARD committee meetings chaired by Mr. Holbrook, it is my opinion, based on my experience, that Mr. Holbrook is dominating and bullying, not only toward other ARD board members but toward members of the public, as well. His smiley face in photo ops and his famous “keep smilin’” salutation create a public persona of Mr. Holbrook as a really likable guy, which is important to any aspiring politician. I cringe at the thought of him as a county board supervisor (Journal, Jan. 8). I urge anyone who would think of voting for Mr. Holbrook to closely examine his history at ARD. Determine for yourself what, if anything, Mr. Holbrook personally did to “turn the recreation district around” aside from giving himself a lot of credit for doing so. Heather Ireland, Meadow Vista