Hold educators accountable

Reader Input
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Re: “Salary tops $100K annually for 19 administrators at Sierra College,” Journal, Jan. 22: I think it was noteworthy to hear the student body president, Andrew Nelson, state “Even if less were spent on the salaries of administrators he isn’t sure it would benefit students in any way.” Don’t you think it would make a difference to the taxpayers? After all, they are the ones footing the bill. I believe the Los Rios chancellor makes as much as the UC Davis dean ( if that is even a comparison). Which does not include the perks, pensions, health care, bonuses and don’t forget the COLAs that their trying to bring back. My point is that our educational system is accountable to no one. When do the administrators get an evaluation? By whom if at all? Are these lifetime positions? The system used for salaries is that if K through 12 teachers and principals get x amount then as superintendent I should make three times as much. And if the superintendent makes x amount, as chancellor of a community college system, I should make two times as much. Who stands up for the taxpayer? And the board of trustees is only as good as the information it receives. Transparencies are nice to talk about but not actually practiced. James McKesson, Auburn