Homeless articles helpful

Reader Input
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The Auburn Journal needs to be commended for its wonderful series on the homeless population in our community. The coverage made me more aware of how their numbers keep growing. As a long-time devoted reader, I felt informed and updated on The Gathering Inn, aided by churches and volunteers, who give much-needed help to these fellow citizens. Yet, this is hardly enough at this time of high unemployment when there is a crying need. Born in the Depression and retired from a social work job, working with poverty-stricken folks living on a shoestring, my heart goes out to these folks. Your articles were not-so-gentle reminders that but for the grace of God we too could be walking in worn-out shoes. An old-fashioned belief as a gentle reminder is as follows: “Don’t judge another unless you have walked at least a mile in their shoes.” SHIRLEY M. POOLEY, Granite Bay