Honor and dignity nowhere to be seen

Reader Input
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I join Joan Anderson, “Ainsleigh diatribe unprofessional” (Reader Input, Sept. 17), in her assessment of Gordon Ainsleigh and his absolutely deplorable behavior toward a fellow board member of the Auburn Recreation District, Mr. Curtis Smith. It is my understanding that a board is to work together for the betterment of the community they work for. Differences of opinion are discussed in private, not in public. Have we heard from Curtis Smith? No, and we will not as he has conducted himself honorably and professionally during his entire tenure on the ARD board. He is a man who gathers the facts, listens to all sides and then casts his vote, a true professional who conducts himself as the voters would expect an elected official to, with honor and dignity. It appears to me that the biggest complaint Ainsleigh has regarding Smith’s tenure as an ARD board member is his questioning Ainsleigh’s ideas and actions to make sure they are in the best interest of the entire community. The citizens of Auburn need to make sure they get out and vote and show Ainsleigh that they will not tolerate “a dirty campaign which uses mud slinging” as its tactics. Michelle Horan, former Auburn business owner, Sacramento