Hoops player earned farewell

Reader Input
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Now that Remi Barry’s court saga is over, I think it would be fun to organize a basketball game, say, between Placer High basketball team and Del Oro just for fun, as a meet-and-greet and a good luck farewell. It would be fun to have a potluck party afterward and have somebody put together a scrapbook of photos for him with his teammates and his host family, who courageously and passionately supported him through his ordeal. I haven’t read all the articles or all the comments about this saga, but it seems to me that Remi Barry landed in Loomis because he found a family that was the perfect fit for him, interracial like his own family and they have a son the same age that shares the same passion. I believe this is why he chose Del Oro to attend over his private school in Florida, because it was a good family and home life for him, unlike his last host family.   I believe he was more selective this time about the family he would spend his time with in this country, not necessarily as selective about the school he would attend. I personally have not met Remi Barry, but just from the sense of humanity, I would like to see our community come together to support him as a human being and spread a little goodwill and cheer for him so his time spent here ends on a happy and welcoming note! Teresa Kenworthy, Auburn