Hopes, dreams, action on Auburn 3-D movie set

By: Gus Thomson, Journal Staff Writer
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Plenty of hopes and dreams are coming together on an Auburn soundstage this week during the shooting of indie 3-D movie “Dark Truths.” Rising San Francisco rapper DeMarco Foster, who goes by the stage name FOS, is embarking on a personal journey as he plays a rapper mulling revenge after the slaying of his brother. In real life, Foster’s own brother was shot to death in a 2005 killing that has been left unresolved in his mind. Sean Fairburn has a list of Hollywood credits for his camera work, including recent filming on “The Mechanic” and “The Expendables.” He’s traveled from Los Angeles to North Auburn to test a new 3-D innovation he hopes will bring the technology down to a more affordable level for low-budget film-makers. Roseville’s Hector Marquez is directing his second feature after an encouraging first try with the locally produced feature film “No Parking.” With producer Live Media Entertainment in talks for distribution of that film, Marquez is pulling together a cast of 63 relatively unknown actors for a shot at fulfilling their own hopes and dreams. The film is called “Dark Truths” and the shoot is taking place on a giant “green screen” at the former studios of longtime video producer Flessing & Flessing on Airport Court, adjacent to the Auburn Municipal Airport. Co-Producer Larry Millar, partner in Live Media Entertainment, described Wednesday how the production is operating at a breakneck pace since the decision to make the film was made in December. With just a month of pre-production, filming started Feb. 4 and is set to wrap by the end of the month. Post-production is already underway and that work could be completed by the end of March. “We have people from all over the U.S. working here,” Marquez said, as he took a break from rehearsals and filming. Fairburn, “Dark Truths” director of photography, said that with 3-D technology the next wave in cinema, he’s developed a process that is user-friendly and should be accessible to both low-budget film-makers and consumer sales. Fairburn’s credits include “Mission Impossible: III.” He said with a smile that he was asked to make the “impossible” possible on the “Dark Truths” set by building a new 3-D rig in a week. “All things are possible and we’re proving that,” Fairburn said. For Foster, the lead actor role in “Dark Truths” has been a personal journey. His brother, Christian, was shot in the back and died at age 22. Five years later, Foster finds himself playing a man struggling with the ramifications of revenge against a killer of his character’s fictional brother. “It really hits home to go for that,” Foster said. “I didn’t need to train to get into character.” Foster’s world revolves around his career as a rap artist but acting has also been part of his life. This is his second film. He’s also been a YouTube presence. His video honoring his hometown Giants was viewed more than 200,000 times in two weeks before copyright issues resulted in it being pulled. He’s written three songs for “Dark Truths” mixing hip-hop and rock influences. As well as his work on “Dark Truths,” FOS is getting ready to release his first solo recording “The Introduction” on the independent BLMG label. Marquez has praise for his entire cast and crew, as well as businesses in the community that have stepped up to provide everything from a selection of guns to luxury autos. But he also appreciates a lead actor who’s bringing more than just a deft reading of his lines to the North Auburn soundstage. “He’s going through a significant healing process and he’s turning out to be one of the most amazing talents on the set,” Marquez said.