Hotel is not consistent with character of land

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I am writing to notify all residents in east Auburn — Aeolia, Hidden Glen, Russell and Flood roads, and surrounding Auburn area — that a three-story hotel is proposed at the corner of Lincoln Way and Russell Road and that a there will be a City of Auburn Planning Commission Meeting on Tuesday, June 3, to consider approval of a design review permit, approval of height extension variance, and a permit for the removal of 285 of the 365 Blue Oaks. The City of Auburn has sent out a Notice of Intent-Mitigation Negative Declaration, which essentially means there are less than to no significant impacts to the area. The land is zoned commercial and will be developed. The primary concern is not that it will be developed but how it’s being developed. While the surrounding area has limited commercial use, the majority of the area is residential. A project of this scale is not consistent with the surrounding scenic and rural character of the area and should not be permitted on this site without major changes. Many residents feel this project needs to be downsized and thereby preserving the scenic quality and natural landscape. I urge Auburn residents to attend the Tuesday, June 3 Planning Commission Meeting. I also urge you to write letters to City Council members and Planning Commission board members. Unless we stand up and make our voice heard, this project, as proposed, will forever change the scenic quality of this part of town. Deren Ross Aubur