How about a nonprofit, non-governmental health care provider?

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Under Bush and now Obama, our national debt will rise to unprecedented levels. I’m not supportive of any health plan that will add still more to our staggering debt. Here are easily found facts: A Harvard study found that medical bills are the leading cause of personal bankruptcies. Cost of US health care is the highest, at 15% of our GPD. The next closest country is Switzerland at 11%. Despite having care at highest cost, the US ranks 38th in quality of care, according the World Health Org. Japan ranks 11th in quality, and spends 8% of GDP. Japan ranks first in longevity; the US is 27th. Japan has universal health care, but is not dominated by socialistic policy- in fact, their capitalistic auto and electronic businesses are models we could learn from. If we copied the Japan health model, we’d have better care, and save $1 trillion every year! (7% of our $14 trillion GDP) Here’s my take on our health care: Most of our health care is provided by for-profit companies. SEC filings show that between 2000 and 2007, profit of the 10 largest health insurance companies rose 428 percent (!). It makes no sense for us to rely on health care from a company whose goal it is to maximize their profit. I propose we generate some real competition, by creation of a health care system that’s a non-profit, non-government provider. Ron Paitich, Auburn