HOW TO: Do a 360 on a snowboard

By: Eric J. Gourley, Journal Sports Writer
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While he’s had unprecedented success as a sophomore competing in Central Division II high school snowboard races this winter, Pete Porata’s teammates quickly recognized his other talent on the mountain: terrain park riding.
Among Porata's favorite tricks is the classic 360, one full snowboard rotation. It didn't take him long to master it, and he's currently honing his 540 — one-and-a-half rotations.
Porata stressed the importance of mastering the 180 before attempting to learn the 360.
“You want to get those down first, so you know what it feels like to spin,” he said.
Don't get discouraged if you can't land the trick right away, he added.
“If you just keep trying them, they just come all of a sudden,” Porata said.

In only two short winters, Pete Porata has developed into one of the top riders on the Placer High snowboard team.
The sophomore, who has been boarding less than four years, has led the Hillmen in three of their four Central Division II races this season. After a 10th-place overall finish behind senior teammate Chris O'Connor at NorthStar on Jan. 12, Porata was fifth overall at Alpine Meadows on Jan. 19, 10th overall at NorthStar on Jan. 26 and eighth overall at Sugar Bowl on Feb. 2.
Porata and the Hillmen will be back in action this morning.