How does Measure A save?

Reader Input
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?Every year the state passes expensive new mandates, which the charter protects from.? Stated at the recent discussion by the pro (Measure A) side. ?Section 401. Mandates Limited: No person, whether elected or appointed, acting on behalf of the City, shall be required to perform any function which is mandated by any other level of government, unless and until funds sufficient for the performance of such function are provided by said mandating authority. I question this section, as those on the council know, that when the federal or the state mandate controls on wastewater or anything else, they don?t ?fund.? Where are the savings? Will there be legal action against the city if it attempts to rebuild the sewer plant or connect to Lincoln?s city plant (regional plan), if it is done without prevailing wage? It would appear that a mandate that requires the city to meet state and federal regulations can or would be construed as ?state,? not ?municipal affairs.? There goes the $2 million in savings that have been bandied about. Even if the city wins a decision, it will cost a significant chunk of taxpayer dollars to prevail in a court of law. There also seems to be another issue regarding the regional hookup: ?Lincoln is a general law city and they?re broke.? Influential individuals like Mr. Snyder who represented the pro side, want Auburn to hook up(regional) to the City of Lincoln sewer plant, the one being operated by the city that is broke. Will this be a financial bailout for Lincoln leading to increased expenses for Auburn? Mike Monahan, Auburn