How to handle Galleria blaze

Reader Input
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The comments and questions listed in your Nov. 17 “Our View,” “More answers needed after Galleria blaze,” were right on. It would appear that both mall security as well as Roseville “Command Center” supervision have many questions to answer. The one thing that stands out in my mind is why didn’t Roseville Police Department use the robot that their lieutenant spokesperson told the media early on was either on hand or available to them? The controlling factor in the whole mess was the fear of an explosive device, yet nothing was done to verify the existence of an explosive. With access to the second floor quickly and easily available from the second floor of the parking garage on the east side of Macy’s, why wasn’t the robot used to access and neutralize the situation? All that was needed was a detailed floor layout map of the second floor of the mall, which I would hope Roseville Fire Department would have. Then Roseville Fire could have gotten inside and done what they are well-trained for and put the fire out before it got so large. Bill Clark, Roseville Editors note: We’ve reported that the robot was used but officials have not shared as to how.