How to save lots of money

Reader Input
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After careful analysis I have come up with the conclusion the Super Committee could really save a lot of money. Here is my analysis. First, we don’t need leaders of the congress. John Boehner, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Eric Cantor all can go back to just being ordinary politicians. We can also eliminate committee chairmen and co-chairmen. In fact, we can eliminate all committees. Staff can be cut. Paper saved, time and energy. Plane fares, train fares, lunches, dinners. Offices can be smaller. Rent saved. Then there is my local congressman, in my case, Tom McClintock. But wait … why not eliminate him, too? In fact all congressmen and women. Senators. All their staff, security. We, the people, don’t need any of them. We got the Super Committee. Now we are talking real money, folks. Never mind the Super Committee members don’t live in my district, or state. I know they will be non-biased and aren’t thinking of getting re-elected. I know they will make decisions that will affect everybody equally and they won’t favor their voting blocks. Unions will be put aside for the good of the country. Corporate welfare will be forgotten for the good of the country. Their district voters will “understand” if pet projects and subsidized work will have to be taken away for the good of the country. I can just feel the patriotic fervor coming from them. Can’t you folks also feel it? And there is one other benefit of the Super Committee. I only have to write 12 letters to try and influence them. I just know they will listen to me and my concerns even though I don’t live in their state or I can’t vote for them. I know that We The People will just have to put up with this unconstitutional beast, but it will be so much more efficient and better for us. At least, that is what they say. Skip Michael, Auburn