I repeat, send all crooked financial CEOs to prison

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a letter to the editor suggesting that some financial services’ CEOs should be sent to prison. I got some feedback that the situation was way more complicated than I saw it and couldn’t be dealt with in such a primitive fashion. So I spent several more hours studying the information available to us and discovered that, indeed, they do need to go to prison. These companies cobbled Congress for 25 years or more to be virtually unregulated. They finally got their wish. The rating companies rated their “zombie” investments as good, AA or AAA. In 2004 the credit card companies got Congress to change the bankruptcy laws governing individuals, because we were acting irresponsibly. Can you imagine? Yes, indeed, there are plenty of people in the financial services industry who need to go to prison. Save the little guys and let the “zombie” banks go to hell. Call your representative today and tell them what you think. Paul Piercy Colfax