If we all gave a dollar or an hour

Reader Input
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I think that over the holidays no matter what you celebrate, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, we should remember to give back to the society that gives everyone so much. Giving back to the society is even more important this season due to the bad and worsening economy where so many people are out of work and have the holidays at the back of their minds. If we could all just give a dollar or a couple of minutes to a charitable organization like the Auburn Food Closet, for example, or some people might donate all their old clothes to places like Goodwill. This would help all the less fortunate people during these holidays. I know of at least 70 families that are not as fortunate as us. These families are in need of help that they very much deserve. Think about it. If you help them one day if you are stuck in that situation they might help you. So please help the less fortunate during the holidays. TAYLOR ITTNER, student, Auburn