Impeach Barack Obama now

Reader Input
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A half-century of media experience ranging from the GM of U.S. radio and TV stations, a foreign correspondent for ABC News, Mutual Broadcasting, Deutsche Welle, West German National Radio and producer of programs in 22 different languages broadcasting 66 quarter-hours weekly qualifies me to comment. I have attended Presidential News Conferences for ABC and Mutual, done interviews with Supreme Court Justices, commanders from several branches of the United States military, with Senators and Congressmen and top leaders from various nations. I’ve covered U.S. presidential visits to foreign countries that once had great respect for the United States of America. I never thought that I would see a U.S. president continually dishonor and breach the U.S. Constitution, violating the separation of powers, breaking the rule of law. Obama continues to get away with it. But enough is enough, and I, like thousands more, are joining in one voice to immediately impeach Barack Obama. Congressional subpoenas mean nothing. He masks or hides his records, deceives the public on his campaign funding disclosures, bullies Americans, compromises and cringes in the presence of heathen kings. Worst of all he is rapidly killing the U.S. military. He wants to turn the U.S.A. over to international agencies promoting globalism, bringing about the death of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. There is no other answer. Impeach Barack Obama now. Dale Smith, Auburn