Importance of powdered sugar

Reader Input
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I know that the community already decided that Wal-Mart was coming to Auburn, but why Wal-Mart? If the community wants a big store, why not Costco or Trader Joe’s? We already have smaller stores going out of business. Do you want more? Costco has great prices and you get a lot for your money. Wal-Mart has knock-off brands and you don’t get as much for your money. Do you have any idea how expensive some of their items are? Fifty dollars for a bean bag chair! Are you kidding me? I could get a great $30 one at Target. The only great price at Wal-Mart is powdered sugar. Is that worth putting in a whole new store in Auburn? We already have multiple Wal-Marts in Roseville. Is that worth putting your favorite smaller stores out of business? Will there even be enough business in a small town like Auburn, for another big store like Wal-Mart? Let’s just have some smaller stores put in and no more big stores. That will help the smaller stores. SICILIA D’AVOLIO, student, Auburn