Incumbents think ahead

Reader Input
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I know the Measure A/charter city initiative didn’t pass, but I didn’t think it was that bad of an idea since it would have resulted in more home rule and the potential to save money on future and needed projects. As I understand, if a project is paid for entirely by rate-payers (no funds from the state or federal governments) then a charter city has the option of not paying prevailing wage. That may have saved us 20 percent on large sewer projects, for instance. (City Council) challenger Gary Moffat takes the present council to task about the city spending $60,000 on frivolous lawsuits but he sided against the charter which had the potential to save Auburn taxpayers $1 million to $2 million. I think the incumbents were trying to do the right thing and exercise forward thinking. I was a 20-year resident of Auburn and though I currently live outside the city limits by about 500 feet what happens in Auburn has its impact, still. I urge voters to support Keith Nesbitt and Bill Kirby for City Council. Vance Sauter, Auburn