An insult to believers

Reader Input
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In response to Kent Campbell’s Reader Input dated Oct. 21, “Leave the deity out of miners’ rescue,” I personally found his comments to be an insult to all who are believers. I am sorry that he doesn’t appear to be one. Maybe the following story will give him something to think about. A man was fishing in a stream when he was caught in a flash-flood. He grabbed a nearby tree branch and asked God to save him. A large log floated by but the man made no attempt to grab it. A man in a boat came by and offered to save him but he refused, saying God would save him. A rescue helicopter hovered above him, but again he refused help, saying that God would save him. The water finally carried him away and he drowned. When he arrived at the pearly gates he asked St. Peter why God hadn’t saved him. St. Peter replied, “Who do you think sent the log, the boat and the helicopter?” We don’t always understand how God works, but those who believe and have faith know that God’s plan is ultimately for our good. EILEEN FERBER, Auburn